Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Another street stuff

Wassupp everyone! So, we are continuing filmin' some street stuff in Moscow! But I've got some troubles with my knee... I've Already done X-Ray and ultrasound, but doctors can't say anything definite, so, I need to do MRI for accurately determine. Now, got some rest days, and than shred again) This weekend we'll got some parks opened, so, I hope we'll film some fun laps and you'll see 1st edit) okay, stop talking, u can check some photos below.

made some hand plants and bonks

funny odometer numbers

scetchy rails




rest day)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Season is on? ... No?

Okay, now weather in Moscow are pretty sucks, no snow and +3C!  Few days ago was rain  ... kinda shitty, yeah?

But still, we had catch some some snow earlier) So, you can check some spots, here we go...

Sketchy wallride


No more place)

Well, hope it will be cold enough, and we'll have some snowfalls.

Buy the way, heard weather in Helsinki ain't so good too...(   wanna go there for some street mission

Okay, later...